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We’re a small firm with a big heart.
We love to help people live their best lives.


Sharing in your journey and guiding you to a secure future is what drives us every day.

We want the best for you, and are passionate about providing a service that helps set you on course for a life of financial confidence.

You’ve worked hard to save money purposefully and diligently. Now you want to know how you can retire with what you have. How do you get to retirement and have enough to provide for yourself and your loved ones?

We have a range of services and processes designed to help people retire confidently. Our systems have been honed over our more than two decades in the financial industry, and are proven to deliver consistent results.


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Financial Planning

We believe financial well-being should be accessible to everyone. What are you trying to accomplish? What concerns you most? Our financial planning process will help unravel your financial story, then weave it back together in a way that is purposeful, concise, and aligned with the way you want to live your life – both today and in the future.

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Retirement Planning

We want to help you craft a meaningful life post-employment that you can feel proud of – on your terms and on your timeline. We help you understand your lifestyle today, and how that translates into retirement given your current savings, spending and income. We also examine how you spend time, and how that will change in retirement.

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Estate Planning

There’s more to estate planning than just having a will. We help you prepare for and coordinate with an estate attorney to make sure your estate is handled the way you want. We make sure you have the documents you need including a Power of Attorney for health care and finance.

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Tax Efficiency

We spend time understanding your current tax return, and devise high-level tax strategies to help ensure you pay as little in tax as possible over your lifetime. As Matthew Jarvis says, “Pay what you owe, don’t leave a tip.”

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Long-Term Care Planning

As 70% of Americans over the age of 65 will need long-term care, this really is a crucial element of your financial plan. We help you make conscious decisions about how to plan for any long-term care you or your loved ones may need.

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Investment Analysis and Implementation

Wealth management doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to break down the barriers and help you understand how investing works. We use a simple but sophisticated and disciplined approach to our portfolio management, guiding you through it so you feel safe in the knowledge that your hard-earned savings are being well looked after.

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Risk Management

We can remain objective when it comes to helping you determining the right insurance package from health care to life insurance.

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Charitable Giving

Being fortunate enough to use your financial resources to give charitably is a gift in itself. But you have several options when considering how charitable giving fits into your financial plan – while saving you taxes along the way.

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Emergent Support

You can bet your bottom dollar that just when things are going smoothly, something will pop up. That’s just life. We’re here to help keep your financial plan on course, no matter what comes along to try and derail it. From data breaches to unclaimed assets, we’re always on hand to help reassure and advise you.


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